The internet is a limitless expanse, and trying to pinpoint precise areas of interest and commonly accessed websites across your entire customer base would be a nightmare. Thanks to its direct and longstanding relationship with thousands of database owners worldwide, NEG Media Consulting can give you access to millions of users with countless targeting options on various pricing models (CPM/CPL/CPA, Hybrid) and in no time.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates are often perceived as a virtual third-party sales force. if managed properly 
affiliates can help drive acquisitions that simply would not be possible through direct 
channels, branded seo or ppc campaigns. NEG media consulting’s long term-established relationships with top affiliate networks will ensure that your campaign gets the necessary attention to deliver in the time frame you require.


Paid search is the quickest way to drive targeted traffic to your website, users that land on your site via a paid search channel are already interested in your business/product and are ready to convert. Successful Pay Per Click campaigns offer amazing brand-building opportunities as well as direct sales. It takes a matter of hours to set up PPC ads. That gives you a rapid response medium – and a measurable one too.


Sociability is the media of now. Social connections happen everywhere, every minute of every day, in the real world and in the digital world. We offer unique social media services to brands looking to harness the true potential of social media marketing. Based on your goals, NEG will identify the best channels to activate and manage new audiences - Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, blogs, online media and everything else in between.


Smartphones have radically changed the way we connect and communicate – and this in practically no time. Over the past two years, the proportion of global mobile internet traffic has nearly tripled, up from 5.7% of total internet traffic to around 15% in May 2013 (according to Statcounter). Whilst Mobile advertising has become essential and unavoidable, on mobile, one size does not fit all. It is no longer enough for a brand to simply have a mobile presence. To succeed, brands must deliver a mobile experience that has context and is relevant to what consumers want to do. At NEG Media Consulting we help you to focus more on creating relevance by offering increased personalization and customized mobile experiences. At NEG, we believe that Personalization is one of the keys to turning engagement into mobile commerce.


Engaging with potential customers and having them to perform the actions you want and at the right price can prove to be quite challenging. At NEG Media Consulting, we take that stress out of your hands. We identify who sees your ad, who else clicks on it, and then the pages and products/services they look at on your site. We also look at how your display campaigns fit in the customer journey from initial awareness to final sale/sign ups, and whether your display campaigns cause a spike in search traffic too. We bring all this data together to calculate the true return on investment from your display campaigns.

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